Snacks List


Product Size
Cashew multigrain and soy snack mix Lightly salted 80gm
Mild Chiili and Lime peanut and soy snack mix 80gm
Gluten free vege crackers in BBQ, Balsamic vinegar and salt and Sweet chilli and lime 50gm
Original 45gm
Chicken 45gm
Cheese and onion 45gm
BBQ 45gm
BBQ 45gm
Salt and vinegar 45gm
Doritos 45gm
Twisties 45gm
Burger Rings 45gm
Cheezels 45gm
Red Rock Deli
Sea Salt 45gm
Sweet chilli and sour cream 45gm
Honey soy Chicken 45gm
Balsamic vinegar and sea salt 45gm
Natural Confectionery Company
Party mix 240gm
Snakes 200gm
Frogs 200gm
Cadburys Chocolates
Full range 45gm to 55gm
Nestle Chocolates
Full range 45gm to 55gm
Kinder Bueno
Milk chocolate 55gm
Dark chocolate 55gm
White chocolate 55gm
Future Bake Muesli Bars
Full range 55gm
Future Bake Cookies
Full range 90gm to 120gm
Nobbys Nuts
Salted beer nuts 50gm
Salted cashews 50gm
Spicy BBQ Pork crackle 50gm
Natures Works
Nibble mix of Rice crackers and nuts 80gm
Nuts and Raisins 80gm
Le Snack Cheese and Crackers
Tuna and crackers
Plus lots more……