Welcome to Tasvend. Tasmanian Owned and Operated since 2006.

Tasvend offers a full vending service to workplaces that don’t have easy access to basic snack, drink and coffee vending options within their business location.

Our services and criteria for obtaining one of our combination vending machines is available on this site under Tasvend Services.

Tasvend was created by Alastair Matthewson CEO/Managing Director, in 2006. A local Hobart resident, Alastair has worked both in Tasmania and Interstate in previous roles. The Tasvend business was created with a major lifestyle change in mind. Being family oriented with young chidren, owning and operating our own business was the key reason for embarking on the creation of this unique business.

Tasvend is one of a group of business ventures owned by a private investment venture capital group, Grange Estate P/L and Paraiso Holdings P/L parent companies.

Tasvend has substantial vending footprint across Tasmania with key vending business solutions in both public and private business sectors.

More about our services can be found throughout our website.

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